Feldenkrais Method is a gentle approach to bringing about a greater ease, flexibility and range in our movement and function. By realizing more of your capability for movement and comfort, you can enjoy higher vitality and better health.

Real gains can be made with regard to posture and long-lasting relief from  chronic back pain, aches, RSI and restricting muscular tension.

Rather than giving you a readymade recipe for better posture, the method helps you to bring back to your body those subtle movements that were lost over time or maybe lifestyle and to attain well-coordinated, more satisfying mobility.

As your body extends the possibilities for mobility, your brain awakens to sharpen and update its habitual control and perception – keeping it alert and vital.

Reaching deep, the method promotes a sense of well-being, relaxation and playfulness. The benefits soon become noticeable. Many have found an increase in energy and confidence, more clarity of mind and better focus.

The Feldenkrais Method is invaluable to those who have a sedentary job, or who are challenged by the constant intensity – and maybe stress – of modern life.

Feldenkrais Method is designed to be a pleasant and positive experience.
We don’t believe that pain is gain!


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