Group Classes


Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

Classes are taken on floor mats under practitioner verbal guidance. Each class is different and addresses a particular aspect of movement, balance or control. This is done to revive an ever growing range of movement, to reach every joint, to enrich your perception, to develop effective coordination and to bring about the joy of moving more freely.

We probably can’t help growing old
But we can definitely negotiate the terms!

A key principle:
In Feldenkrais classes there is no need to apply force – removing the necessity for physical strain enables you to pay attention to bodily sensations.
This helps to let go of redundant effort and regain lost energy. The result is a feeling of vitality, lightness and ease; relieving pressure from the skeletal system and tension from the muscles brings considerable relief from back and joint pains.
Using gentle sequences of movement, which comfortably develop from very simple to more complex, you gain more awareness of the way you are using your body and increase your availability of choices. The mind becomes focused on the innate intelligence and natural capabilities of the body in motion, using it to restore flexibility and healthy, adaptable mobility.

When you come to the class, please bring loose clothes,
a pinch of curiosity and a drop of adventurous spirit.

Where: JW3, 341-351 Finchley Road, NW11 0DP
When: Mondays: 10.30 am; Wednesdays: 10 am and 6.15 pm;
How much: £12.50 for a single class; £70 for 7 classes

More classes In Temple Fortune NW11 on Tuesdays pm and Fridays am. Please contact Orna for full details


Orna Dale Eliashiv
+44 (0)7747 185 318