Individual Sessions


Functional Integration (FI)

These hands-on sessions are tailored to your specific needs and as such they are more direct and able to bring quick results.

You will be lying on a couch, or sometimes sitting on a chair. Through gentle touch and subtle movements, the practitioner will stimulate your kinaesthetic sense with the information it needs to modify restricting habitual patterns associated with pain, pour posture, limitations in mobility or low self-esteem.

These sessions will enable you to realise more of your potential, resulting in a greater sense of life satisfaction. Moshe Feldenkrais describes these hands-on sessions as “a series of steps towards an ideal state of being.”

For whom:

  • Those who need help with chronic pain, aches or want to improve any aspect of movement, posture or breathing.
  • Those who want to enjoy greater sense of ease and relaxation.
  • People who need help with rehabilitation after injury or surgery.
  • People with a neurological condition.
  • Babies and infants with developmental difficulties.
  • Children with learning difficulties.

Where: In Temple Fortune NW11 0DP
When: By appointment only
How much: £55 per session

Orna Dale Eliashiv
+44 (0)7747 185 318