“I have found Feldenkrais an oasis of calm in a busy week. It has helped me relax, become more supple and self-aware. Orna is a lovely and sensitive teacher.”

Kate Kellaway,  Guardian News & Media Limited


“I have only been learning the Feldenkrais technique for a short while but the impact on my life has been very dramatic. I went to ‘get rid of back pain’ but am now able to move with only a residual ache when I bend – I can get out of bed as a normal human and not scream out in pain – I am sure that as I learn more I will be moving like a swan! Thank you Orna for teaching me how so little can do so much!”

Georgina, Holistic Therapist, ITEC Lecturer Hasmonean Girls School


“Feldenkrais actually works! Just one session improved my back. No one was more surprised than me! Painless relaxing and pleasurable…”

David, occasional attendee at Orna’s lessons.


“I spent the first twenty-two years of my life rushing around being busy, socializing, travelling with a heavy backpack, and playing football (& any other sport!) at every opportunity and, never stopping to check in with my body or pay any attention to my movement. This didn’t bother me until suddenly at the age of 22, I found myself in a state of constant, chronic pain, unable to stay in the same position for more than a few minutes, unable to carry any weight and certainly unable to continue living as I previously had. For 18 months, I tried numerous therapies and practices, including physiotherapy, Pilates and acupuncture, in search of a solution. The pain persisted and my movement was increasingly restricted. I began one-to-one Feldenkrais sessions, and later weekly classes as well, which marked the turning point in my recovery process. Feldenkrais method works at a deeper and more subtle level, and really helped me to discover how to move and use my body in a optimal way. I gained a perspective on my body as a whole, and learnt to appreciate how every movement is connected to every other.  Its focus on ‘gain without pain’ was crucial for me in the initial stages when I was in such high levels of pain already and had restricted mobility. Increasingly, I noticed that my movement felt more fluid and free and in time, my pain levels declined. I now feel as fit, healthy and able-bodied as I ever did in the past (and I can play football again!), but with a new understanding of my body and movements, which I will take with me throughout my life.”

Adam L.


“I laid down on Orna’s table with severe lower back pain and got up off it able to move painlessly again. I was familiar with the Feldenkrais method but had never explored it. My one-on-one session with Orna gave me immediate relief from the pain and a continued healing of my body. Orna’s way of expressing the wisdom of the technique was eye opening to me and empowering.”

Naama Shevach


“Dear Orna, as you know, I don’t suffer from any pain or a real issue with my mobility. I have joined your classes simply because my very trust-worthy friend has recommended your classes! She said “I don’t know how it works but I feel profoundly better with myself since I’m practicing Feldenkrais – you really have to try it!” so I did!  And now, when I find I have left my glasses at the second floor, I don’t stare anymore at those stairs with a feel of irritation, I simply go and get them without thinking much! Just the way it used to be 10 years ago…I’m not sure if the change is in my body or in my mood, but I definitely feel more vital now. Thank you!”

Janet M.